Simple, flexible and affordable Indemnity Insurance for the healthcare community.

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Indemnity insurance for doctors
from £45.00 per month

Indemnity Insurance For Nurses
from £25.00 per month

Perfectly designed insurance
for those who deserve it most.

How it works
  1. Sign up to Ourly
    Sign up to Ourly via the web or mobile app. We'll only take the minimum info we require.
  2. Provide us with information
    Tell us what you need to insure, what limits you would like and for how long you need insurance.
  3. Pick your terms
    Select the options you want and then set up a monthly recurring direct debit.
  4. Connect with your community
    Change or update your insurance as often as you like throughout the year.

It’s Simple

Helping you understand what insurance you need and when you might need it.  

Finding insurance can often be confusing, especially when different policies seem to insure different things. We’ve kept the buying process simple and transparent, so you know exactly what you are getting for your money. 

Working for the NHS

Whilst working for the NHS, your clinical negligence will be covered if you are a direct employee or working under an NHS contract. Further details about the arrangement can be found in this resolution.

Working Privately

If you are a doctor or nurse and  undertake any work outside of NHS contracts & employment, you will need to purchase independent insurance for your activities. Please click here to get a quote.

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